How to Choose Lamps

How to Choose Lamps?

How to Choose Lamps?
How to Choose Lamps?

1. Try not to install any spotlights. I haven’t driven more than five times in so many years.

2. Don’t use red, blue, green … 3. There are also lamps. I bought many lamps with concave lampshades. It was only after installation that I realized that if mosquitoes were flying around in summer, it would be troublesome and inconvenient to wipe them up.

4. Both the kitchen and the main bathroom use embedded downlights. The energy-saving lamps provided are too long and cannot be covered by the downlights. They cannot be waterproof, dustproof and oil-proof. The low-power energy-saving lamps are not bright enough and uncomfortable. Can nai do it?

5, lamps and lanterns is absolutely profiteering, my lamps and lanterns DIY installation, so can feel at ease to choose, so always can buy very cheap lamps and lanterns. Cheap lamps can’t be bought in the same house, so don’t buy one set of lamps when you see one! It is suggested to use brand-name energy-saving light bulbs, and don’t touch your luck in the decoration city when you buy them in large supermarkets. One investment benefits all one’s life.

6, if you want to install lamps and lanterns in the ceiling. It is necessary to participate in the design of the structure behind the suspended ceiling. carpenters cannot make their own decisions. carpenters do not know the future lighting design. as a result, improper framework behind the ceiling will affect the future lighting installation.

7. There is not a double control lamp designed in the walkway. Open from one end, but cannot close the other. This lamp is useless.

8. The ceiling light in the bedroom should be double-controlled, with one by the door and one by the bed, so as not to wake up and turn off the lights when lying in bed in winter. 9. When installing the lights, the table is not in the middle of the table now.

10. The ceiling was not considered when installing the lights, resulting in the living room lights not being installed in the middle of the background wall.

11, small spotlights must be installed transformer, don’t let the workers lazy, no transformer, those lights like a small bomb will explode at any time, the end result is never open (change the lamp is useless)! Leave a socket in the corridor to plug in the night light (old people don’t have to worry about hitting furniture when they get up at night)!

12, don’t buy too complicated chandeliers, cost-effective is very poor, after dirty how ugly how ugly, wipe up still dead tired. Home decoration design is determined to cancel the spotlight lamp is not commonly used lamp, installed only regret, n years will not open once. TX has been designed to be equipped with spotlights. if you can change downlights, try to change downlights. if you cannot change downlights, you need a ballast for each spotlight. otherwise, the spotlights will be small time bombs, not scare people! ! As far as possible, the auxiliary light source of the ceiling background wall should not use the light belt, and the small fluorescent tube should be bright enough for replacement and repair. TX with long suspended ceiling must not buy embedded lights, JS said it can be cut, but it is actually very difficult to cut, just buy ceiling lamps, easy to install, good care.

Six Principles of Choosing Lamps

1. Principle of Simplicity: Lighting should be the finishing touch in the room. Too complicated shapes and too complicated colors are not suitable for designing simple rooms. Principle of Convenience: Most people have experienced the embarrassment of changing the ceiling lamp bulb: stepping on a table, stepping on a chair, holding your head up 90 degrees, lifting your arms over your head to a ceiling 2.5 meters or higher. When choosing lamps, one must consider the convenience of changing bulbs.

2. Energy-saving principle: energy-saving bulbs save electricity, have good illumination, and do not emit too much heat. They are suitable for multi-head lamps. Energy-saving bulbs are mostly standard turnbuckles, while chandeliers have two calibers. One is standard and can use energy-saving bulbs. One is non-standard and cannot use energy-saving bulbs. Attention should be paid when selecting: spotlights are mostly non-energy saving products.

3. Safety Principle: Make sure to choose lamps from regular manufacturers. Regular products are marked with total load. According to the total load, how many wattage bulbs to use can be determined, especially for multi-head chandeliers, i.e. head number × wattage per bulb = total load. In addition, waterproof lamps should be selected for toilets and kitchens with high humidity.

4. Functional principle: Lighting of different styles and illuminance shall be installed in rooms with different functions. The living room should choose bright and splendid lamps. Bedrooms should use lamps that make people feel dazzling when lying in bed; Children’s room should choose brightly colored lamps with varied styles. Toilet should choose simple style waterproof lamps and lanterns; Kitchen should choose lamps that are easy to wipe and clean. Spot lights can also be selected for some places requiring special performance.

5. Coordination principle: Lighting and the overall style of the room should be coordinated, while a variety of lighting in the same room should maintain color coordination or style coordination. For example, rectangular balconies with wooden walls, cabinets and tops are suitable for installing rectangular wooden lamps. Rectangular lobby with iron watch, iron tube glass dining table and chair, suitable for hanging lamp made of rectangular iron tube; Bedrooms equipped with golden cabinet door handles and golden spotlights are suitable for lights with golden decorations.
Spotlights and ceiling lanterns are actually a concept. Beanstalk lamps are also used as lamp cups, mainly for local illumination, and are generally used for background walls and TV walls. The downlight is an energy-saving lamp, which belongs to astigmatism and is mainly used for ordinary lighting.


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