Feng Shui of Lamps in Commercial Buildings

Fengshui, a lamp in a commercial building, serves as a workplace, besides the overall brightness, the lighting of the commercial space should also take into account some local lighting requirements. Therefore, there are relatively strict requirements for the selection of lamps. not only should the lighting degree be considered, but also factors such as appearance and color should be considered comprehensively. In terms of illumination, too dim will appear lifeless, and too strong illumination will destroy the accumulation of vitality. Therefore, halogen lamps or incandescent lamps with mild light can be selected to create a quiet and elegant atmosphere, relieve tense working mood and improve the working efficiency of employees. If it is a non-public auxiliary lamp, you can choose to use fluorescent lamps.

Feng Shui of Lamps in Commercial Buildings
Feng Shui of Lamps in Commercial Buildings

When choosing lamps with lampshades, avoid the triangular shape of fire or the curved shape of water. They are easy to form dashes in the office. Generally speaking, it is safer to choose round lampshades of gold and square lampshades of earth. The color of the lampshade must also be paid attention to, and cannot be matched with the shape of the lampshade. In addition, try to choose simpler lamps and lanterns, so as to avoid transferring the gas field and weakening the angry energy of the office because the lamps and lanterns are too ornate.

First, pay attention to the heating and cooling of the lighting source Different kinds of light sources will produce completely different effects when applied in different commercial spaces. Therefore, the choice of the heating and cooling of the light source should be determined according to the specific application. For the office, its main purpose is lighting. Although some offices will also take on the role of promoting some products, in order to create a quiet working atmosphere, it is best to hide in the office and use warm light sources such as quartz lamp and incandescent lamps, which are conducive to easing employees’ emotions and improving team cohesion.

If it is a commercial space dominated by display, the temperature of the light source should be selected according to the displayed items. If it is clothing and other items that need color display, warm color light sources can play a very good role in color emphasis. However, for electrical appliances, scientific and technological products, equipment and articles requiring emphasis on texture of automobile lamps, cold-tone light sources can obtain better visual effects from senses, so relatively cold-tone light sources such as fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps can be selected.

Second, the best location of lighting In order to avoid the shortage of light and prevent the direct light from generating light evil, it is better to place the lamp tubes on both sides of the working area when designing the lighting of the office, which can well meet the lighting needs of the office and will not affect the mood of the employees because the light is too dazzling.
In the lighting design of commercial space, feng shui master Wei yikai suggested that this part is for entertainment only. if the principle of “three in one” can be incorporated, and the same lighting lamps can be set up in three specific directions, it can play a certain role in promoting prosperity and prosperity. The triad relations in the twelve branches are: Shen Zichen, Hai Mao Mo, Yin Wu Xu and Si You Chou respectively. If they are replaced by their respective orientations, and the five elements attributes corresponding to the four triad relations respectively, they are specifically: southwest, true north and southeast three orientations, which belong to water; The three directions of northwest, east and southwest are three-in-one, belonging to wood. The three directions of northeast, due south and northwest are combined, belonging to fire. The three directions of northeast, south and west are three-in-one, belonging to gold.

When arranging the three-in-one lighting pattern, there are several problems that need to be paid attention to: first, Three Lamps District must use the same line and switch to control, and must be on and off at the same time; Secondly, in order to improve the effect of prosperous wealth, lamps and bulbs with the same attribute and color can be configured according to the three-in-one five-element attribute. In addition, it is best to choose the orientation triad of the corresponding attributes according to the five elements of the industry.

Number of lamps In the lighting design of commercial space, the number of lamps must also be taken into account. Generally speaking, try to avoid the numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 13 and 14. Because from the perspective of feng shui, two represents disease, three represents right and wrong, five represents evil, seven represents dispute, thirteen represents toil, and fourteen is regarded as the embodiment of death, so try to avoid the above number of lamps. Apart from these unlucky numbers, when the number of light tubes is 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, it is quite auspicious in feng shui. it is not only easy to get the help of noble people, but also can improve the fortune. In addition, if you are installing a bulb lamp, it is best to choose a round bulb, try to avoid abnormal or sharp bulbs, to avoid the generation of shaqi.

Four, the use of lighting to resolve evil spirit In addition to ordinary lighting lamps, through the use of lighting spotlights, you can also play the role of evil spirits. In commercial space, it is inevitable that there will be dead corners that cannot be illuminated by lights, and these places are easy to breed bad luck. At this time, direct shooting of spotlights at these dark corners can effectively reduce dead air in the space. In addition, if the shape of the office is irregular, spotlights can be installed on the irregular wall with the light upward, which can eliminate the evil spirit caused by the acute angle formed by the irregularity and promote the flow of the angry spirit. Some commercial buildings are limited in floor height, and the ceiling of the suspended ceiling will make people feel very depressed. Using upward projection lighting can play a very good role in easing.

Five, the location of the desk For offices with poor lighting, sitting on a desk with overhead lighting seems to be a good choice, because it doesn’t have to worry about the light being too dark. However, from the perspective of feng shui, this is actually a very unfavorable situation for the luck.

If the desk is located just under the lighting lamp and the light is directly irradiated, it is extremely easy to form reflection on white desk, paper, compact disc and other articles, which will not only damage eyes, but also form reflection evil spirit if the reflection is relatively strong, damaging the energy accumulation of nearby gas field, causing the people working in this position to be unstable in mood, easily nervous, unable to concentrate on work, and will have an impact on the luck of individuals and companies.

The Illumination of Commercial Fengshui In the geomantic omen of commercial space, it is the basic requirement for lighting to be bright rather than dark. The reason why sufficient lighting in commercial space has been emphasized is that bright light can increase the positive energy of the company and the activity of the vitality movement, thus playing a role of promoting prosperity. It is not only conducive to improving the company’s financial fortunes, but also can enable employees to maintain exuberant and sufficient energy in their work and create more achievements for the company. Otherwise, not only will the company’s financial fortunes be mediocre, but it will also cause difficulties on the road to development when it is serious, and it will easily be countered by small people.

Of course, lighting should be suitable. If the office has too much light, too bright light will make people unable to work at ease. Managers are also prone to temper tantrums, affecting the harmonious working atmosphere of the company and making the team lose cohesion and centripetal force. Therefore, it is best to use louvers to adjust the light so as to obtain the best lighting effect.

First, the natural light lighting is given priority to Light is the basic element of human existence and life. For commercial space, proper lighting is not only the basic guarantee for enterprises to carry out their work, but also has an impact on the transportation situation. Generally speaking, except that sunlight is natural light, other light sources in daily life, such as electric lamps and candles, all belong to artificial lighting. Since the company’s working hours are usually during the day, natural light should be used as much as possible to illuminate the commercial space.

From the design concept of feng shui, the light source of the office is preferably the natural light from the window. although artificial light can make up for the shortage of light, due to the different wavelengths of the two, they will also have different impacts on major decisions. the positive power contained in natural light is more conducive to the prosperity of wealth. If artificial light is not used properly, it will give people a feeling of depression and stimulation, which will naturally affect the work. Therefore, it is best to give priority to natural lighting in commercial space.

Second, prevent reflective evil spirit For offices, there are generally two sources that may generate reflective evil spirits. One is that buildings near the river are reflected by the river water, and the other is the reflection formed by the glass curtain wall of nearby buildings. No matter what kind, when the light is reflected into the office, it will be more dazzling than the original natural light. The accumulated anger in the office will also be damaged by this strong light, which will lead to employees’ mental stress and make the company’s fortune unstable.

In order to avoid the influence of this reflection pattern on the company’s luck, it is better to set up some articles to block the reflected light. Under normal circumstances, you can choose some green potted plants suitable for this position and put them on the windowsill, which can not only eliminate the rush of evil spirits, but also beautify the office environment, and can also help employees relax their eyes by looking at green plants after fatigue. If there is no window sill, you can choose some higher potted plants, which can also play a role in blocking reflection. Besides putting green plants, putting fish tanks can also reduce the influence of reflective evil spirits. If the office area is limited and there is no spare space to put these articles, you can also use the method of hanging curtains and putting up glass stickers to block reflection. Of course, hanging blinds is a very good choice, because it can adjust the light itself, not blocking the reflection of light but also blocking the natural light.

Three, can’t rely on artificial lighting For commercial buildings with large floor space and large indoor markets, due to the need to make full use of the area, the denser space design makes many offices unable to be exposed to natural light. Apart from ventilation relying on air conditioning and air exchange systems, lighting problems can only be solved by lamps. If this is only a short period of time, it does not matter much. However, for people who work in this environment for a long time, because they cannot receive the energy from natural light, they will not only suffer from headache, nausea and fatigue, but also make people look mentally ill because they cannot receive the anger. For the company, if all rely on artificial lighting, it will lead to insufficient positive energy, which will lead to poor financial fortunes. It is very unfavorable to the development of the company, so it should be avoided as much as possible.

Four, the office lighting Supplemental lighting is a very important thing for offices. Apart from the needs of offices with poor lighting, if there are too many windows in the building where the company is located or glass curtain walls are used on all sides, in order to avoid too strong light, certain measures should be taken to make up for the shortage of natural lighting after closing the curtains or adjusting the blinds.

Under normal circumstances, most companies will use fluorescent lamps as the light source for supplementary lighting. Although it looks bright enough, its light is actually blinking, but the frequency of blinking is relatively high, which is generally indistinguishable to the naked eye. In order to prevent flickering light from causing angry instability, two to three fluorescent tubes are usually connected into a group for use.

In order to satisfy different lighting habits, some offices also use desk lamps at each desk to supplement the light. On the one hand, brightness can be adjusted according to usage habits; on the other hand, dead corners can be eliminated to prevent the influence of dark corners lacking illumination on the overall transportation potential.

At present, most offices use fluorescent lamps for lighting, and the lamps are embedded into the ceiling. The purpose of doing this is not just to look good, but contains some feng shui principles. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps have the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, and consume less electricity than ordinary bulbs under the same lighting conditions. The most important thing is that the light produced by fluorescent lamps is very diffuse and not easy to produce shadows, thus avoiding dark corners without lighting in the office.

In addition, for commercial space, the ceiling is a symbol of the sky and has a great influence on fortune. If the lighting source is not selected properly, the office will be brightly lit while the ceiling is very dark, which will cause obstacles to the development of the company. This kind of situation can be well avoided by using embedded fluorescent lighting in the ceiling.


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