Knowledge Base of Lighting Industry in China

Knowledge Base of Lighting Industry in China
Knowledge Base of Lighting Industry in China

I. Introduction of lighting industry Lamp development:

Modern lamps include home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, special lighting, etc.

Home lighting emerged the earliest incandescent bulb from the birth of electricity, then developed to fluorescent tubes, then to energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, halogen tungsten lamps, gas discharge lamps and LED special material lighting, etc. All lighting lamps are mostly developed under the development of these light sources, such as from lamp holder to fluorescent lamp holder to various kinds of process lighting, etc.

The light source of commercial lighting is also developed on the basis of incandescent lamps, such as halogen lamps and metal halide lamps. Lamps are mainly focused and floodlit. Signs, advertisements, characteristic window and background lighting are all constantly produced according to the development needs.

The light sources of industrial lighting are mainly gas discharge lamps and fluorescent lamps, which are customized in combination with other lamp lighting requirements, such as waterproof, explosion-proof and dust-proof. However, industrial lighting needs to be cautious, especially in the selection of light sources and lamps. For example, the color and fabric texture of clothing production produce different effects under different light sources. The selection of lamps mainly considers reflectivity, illuminance and maintenance coefficient. However, most domestic enterprises still do not attach much importance to it, and only some foreign-funded enterprises may make a comparison.

As a daily consumable, the lighting fixture industry has undergone an earth-shaking evolution with China’s economic and social progress and the emergence of new types of light sources such as fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED. All efforts should be made towards more energy-saving, greener and environmentally friendly. The abundance and choice of light sources have also opened a new page in the lighting industry. With the acceleration of China’s urbanization process, city squares, traffic roads, newly built communities, home decorations, shopping malls and office buildings all need the decoration of lamps and lanterns. The demand for lighting products in city construction will continue to increase.

The choice of lamps for road lighting and landscape lighting is totally different. don’t think that only lighting is enough. road lighting can’t blindly pursue beauty and ignore safe illuminance and fog permeability. however, the choice of landscape lighting lamps and light sources should fully consider energy saving and beauty, because landscape lighting does not need such high illuminance, and only needs to create a lighting characteristic.
International classification method:

According to the scope of use of lamps and lanterns is divided into large categories, and then for each category according to the lamps and lanterns installed in the building parts or lamps and lanterns performance is divided into small categories. For example, lamps and lanterns for civil buildings can be divided into floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, bedside lamps, door lamps, chandeliers and other small categories according to their installation positions. The lighting in the market is colorful and dazzling. According to the material of the lighting, it can be divided into five categories: crystal lamp, fabric lamp, stone lamp, glass lamp and low pressure lamp. The five types of lighting have their own characteristics and play a role in satisfying different age preferences, different consumption levels and adding color to different room styles.

Functional classification: chandelier, ceiling lamp, ceiling lamp, downlight, wall lamp, Prospects for development:

China’s output and export of lighting appliances rank first in the world. China’s annual output of energy-saving lamps accounts for more than 85% of the world’s total, and most of the energy-saving lamps used in the world come from China. In the new technology field of light emitting diode (LED), which leads the market trend, Chinese enterprises annually package more than 80 billion LED devices, ranking first in the world. In addition to scale advantages, domestic lamp enterprises are gradually gaining technological and intellectual property advantages.

Distribution of Lighting Production Bases in China:
(1) Zhongshan, Guangdong (2) Wenzhou, Zhejiang (3) Changzhou, Jiangsu (4) Chengdu, Sichuan One of the more famous is the ancient town of Zhongshan in Guangdong, which has the title of “capital of lighting”!

Trade show:

Hong Kong Spring Exhibition: March-April Hong Kong Autumn Exhibition: Around October Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2016: Held from June 9, 2016 to June 12, 2016: Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Pazhou Pavilion) Guzhen lantern fair: March 18-21, 2016 (spring fair) October 22 -26, 2016 (autumn fair) Foreign trade lighting usually orders more in August, September, October and November, because foreign countries pay more attention to Christmas. At that time, many foreign customers usually buy lamps to prepare for the holidays.

II. Common Posts and Requirements in Lighting Industry

1. Electronic engineers ① College degree or above in electronics, communication, automation or computer related major (2) familiar with 51 series microcontroller (3) More than 1 year of single chip programming experience, open and agile thinking, with good independent operation ability (4) familiar with the development of electronic products and related business fields (5) good character, careful work, hard work, strong sense of responsibility

2. Structural Engineer ① Skilled in operating CAD, UG, soliworks, 3dmas and other design software, and able to design product structure and transfer out engineering drawings (2) familiar with lighting process, familiar with national safety regulations, have the concept of quality, can independently complete the product from design to output the whole process of the work (3) Have a certain understanding of the selection and matching of the mold structure, product structure, appearance, modeling, hardware technology and materials, and be able to independently complete the projects given by customers (4) familiar with the performance of commonly used materials, hands-on ability is strong, in the process of product design can make and modify the first sample inspection and improve the product quality and performance ⑤ Able to solve technical problems of various lamps and lanterns, able to draw diagrams and bom tables according to data provided by customers, familiar with processing technology, and fully competent for independent work ⑥ Be familiar with the formulation of new LED light source standards. Individuals have good management ability, communication ability and thinking ability.

3. Production Supervisor (1) Chinese technical or above, at least 2 years of workshop production management experience in lighting industry (2) communication ability, management ability, execution ability, familiar with all kinds of lighting production process and quality control.
(3) Be familiar with the assembly and production technology of modern lamps, LED lamps and crystal lamps, as well as the standards of European and American countries.
(4) strong sense of responsibility, dare to take responsibility.

4. Production clerk (1) technical secondary school or above (2) familiar with office software operation (3) at least 1 year relevant working experience

5. Sales Manager (1) College degree or above, major in marketing or economics is preferred (2) good image, good language expression and communication, negotiation ability (3) marketing strategy analysis and planning ability (4) team building and personnel training ability (5) rich knowledge of lighting products, familiar with the market and customers ⑥ At least 2 years sales management experience in lighting industry ⑦ Ability to travel

6. Salesman (1) technical secondary school or above (2) love sales, bear hardships and stand hard work, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, can withstand certain pressure ③ Strong language expression and communication skills, self-confidence (4) have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good service consciousness (5) Fast moving consumer goods, lighting industry sales experience is preferred ⑥ Ability to travel

7. Foreign trade salesman (1) college (undergraduate) degree or above, English level 4 (6) or above (2) foreign trade major (3) at least one year (two years) working experience in foreign trade (4) Fluent in English reading, writing, listening and speaking (5) Lighting trade is preferred ⑥ Be familiar with the operation process of export business and be able to independently develop overseas business.

8. Taobao Art Design (Graphic Design) (1) College (undergraduate) degree or above, major in fine arts, graphic design, advertising, etc.
(2) proficient in PS, AI [Photoshop, cdr, flash] and other related design software (3) Strong artistic foundation, aesthetic and creative design ability, good layout ability and color sense, and clear expression of design concepts.
④ More than one year of relevant working experience ⑤ Familiar with HTML code ⑥ Be familiar with the decoration of Taobao shops and the design of online shops, and pay a copy of your recent works.

9. Taobao customer service (1) high school or above (2) Have certain experience in online sales, customer service awareness, strong affinity for written expression and strong understanding.
(3) familiar with computer operation, typing speed (60 words/minute).
④ Familiar with lighting industry is preferred.

10. Online sales (1) technical secondary school or above (2) More than one year of online sales experience, with online sales channels preferred.
(3) familiar with the Internet, Alibaba and other types of online sales channels, skilled use of online communication tools and various office software.
(4) Experience in lighting industry is preferred

11. quality inspector QC (1) incoming inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection (2) high school or above (3) Able to use quality inspection tools, measuring instruments (calipers, micrometers), etc., and familiar with IQC,IPQC,QA inspection procedures (4) Able to read part drawings and familiar with LED product inspection equipment, such as spectrometer, integrating sphere, power meter, etc.
(5) More than one year of lighting related work experience

III. lighting industry cooperation on behalf of customers

1. Top 10 Lighting Brand Enterprises in Guzhen (1) Puliti Lighting (Top 10 Lighting Brands, Zhongshan’s Most Influential Comprehensive Lighting Brand) (2) Huayi Lighting (China Famous Brand, National Exemption Products, Top Ten Lighting Brands) (3) Honglian-Honglian (China Famous Brand, National Exemption Products, Top Ten Lighting Brands) (4) Qianli Lighting (Top 10 Lighting Brands, Taiwan, Taiwan-Huizhou Qianli Enterprises in 1985) (5) Silver Rain Lighting (National Exemption Products, Top Ten Lighting Brands, Heshan Silver Rain Lighting ⑥ Kaiyuan Lighting (National Exemption Products, Top Ten Lighting Brands, Zhongshan Guzhen Kaiyuan Lighting Co., Ltd.) ⑦ Oriental Lighting (Top 10 Lighting Brands, Zhongshan Guzhen Oriental Lighting Co., Ltd.) ⑧ Shengqiu Lighting (Top 10 Lighting Brands, Zhongshan Guzhen Shengqiu Lighting Co., Ltd.) ⑨ Qilang Lighting (National Exemption Products, Top Ten Lighting Brands, Zhongshan Qilang Lighting Factory Co., Ltd.) ⑩ Suntory Lighting (Top 10 Lighting Brands, Zhongshan Suntory Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.)

2. Zhongshan Lighting Famous Enterprises (1) Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd., (2) Zhongshan Opal Lighting Co., Ltd., (3) Zhongshan Aokeshi Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., (4) Zhongshan horizon lighting design and manufacturing co., ltd, (5) Zhongshan Qilang Lighting Factory Co., Ltd., 6. Zhongshan product lighting co., LTD., All landowners zhongshan quanxin lighting appliances co., LTD., Today Zhongshan jiacheng lighting electric appliance co., ltd, ⑨ Zhongshan Top Light Lighting Co., Ltd., Attending Zhongshan Jiansuo Lighting Co., Ltd.,  Zhongshan Huatai Lighting Co., Ltd.
Zhongshan Benchuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Geographical division

Ancient town:
(1) Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd. Energy Saving Lamp, Ceiling Lamp and Bracket Production Line (2) Zhongshan Kaiyuan Lighting Co., Ltd. Luxury Crystal All Copper Lamp Series; European compact lamp series; Classic lamp series; Home and commercial lighting series; (3) Zhongshan opp lighting co., ltd. energy-saving lamps, ceiling lamps, brackets, tube spotlights, LED lighting (4) Zhongshan Aokeshi Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. LED Photoelectricity, Electronic Energy Saving Lamp, Ceiling Lamp, Dome Lamp, Crystal Lamp (5) Zhongshan qilang lighting factory co., ltd. integrates modern, crystal, European and other types of civil lamps 6. Zhongshan Guzhen Haoshen Lighting Electric Appliance Factory Iron and Crystal Lamps ⑦ Zhongshan Guzhen Bonfire Lighting Appliance Outdoor Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lamps, Spot Lamps and Lawn Lamps and Other High-end Quality Aluminum Lamps ⑧ Zhongshan wenlian lighting co., ltd. crystal lamp, wrought iron resin lamp, resin handicraft ⑨ fluorescent lamp bracket, environmental protection and energy saving inductive ballast of Zhongshan yuefeng lighting appliance co., ltd.
⑩ modern low-voltage crystal lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp, simple modern lamp of Zhongshan kali lighting co., ltd.
Zhongshan Jiansuo Lighting Co., Ltd. Crystal Lamps and Engineering Lamps

(1) Zhongshan huatai lighting co., ltd. home lighting products, electrical products, LED commercial lighting products (2) Zhongshan Horizon Lighting Design and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produces Jian Yuepai and personalized lighting (3) LED fluorescent lamp of Zhongshan filong lighting technology co., ltd.
(4) Zhongshan jiegao electric lighting co., ltd. is a professional lighting expert for hotels, villas and exhibition halls.
(5) Zhongshan bright dragon lighting co., ltd (LED e-commerce) ⑥ Zhongshan aisha lighting co., ltd (e-commerce) ⑦ hong kong carmon international lighting co., ltd. simple European style crystal lamp ⑧ American Lamps of henglan town Tianyuan Lighting Factory in Zhongshan City Pet-name ruby Zhongshan top lighting co., ltd downlights, ceiling lights, spotlights, grating lights, rail lights and other indoor lighting lamps

(1) Zhongshan Guangyang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is an industrial company engaged in the research and development, production and sales of lighting lamps (2) Zhongshan Guoneng Photoelectric Lighting Co., Ltd. specializes in indoor LED lamps, panel lamps, downlights, candle lamps and lamp cups.
(3) Zhongshan Benchuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. LED (4) Zhongshan baochen lighting co., ltd LED (5) Zhongshan Pinshang Lighting Co., Ltd. Commercial Lighting, Hotel Lighting, Home Lighting, Building Electrical, Outdoor Lighting ⑥ engineering and commercial lighting fixtures of Zhongshan jiacheng lighting appliances co., ltd.

(1) Zhongshan jieyao lighting co., ltd. produces chandeliers, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and crystal lamps (2) Zhongshan Qitian Lighting Co., Ltd. is engaged in outdoor landscape lighting such as street lamps, courtyard lamps, lawn lamps, wall lamps, etc.
(3) Zhongshan quanxin lighting appliance co., ltd. solar lighting

IV. Display of Data Advantages The ancient town is called the capital of lighting, with a population of 70,000. The lighting talents of the International Talent Network account for 43% of the population of the ancient town. The monthly resume updates of lighting vary from 5000 to 8000, and the activity of talents is relatively high.
Resumes of R&D and design talents account for about 10%, foreign trade accounts for about 8%, and production accounts for about 35% in the lighting talent pool of the International Talent Network. E-commerce contract Judging from the work experience of talents, the resumes of lighting industry with more than 3 years account for 82%, fresh graduates account for 5%, and those with 1-3 years of work experience account for 13% Zhongshan lighting enterprises (including small and micro enterprises) account for about 33,000. International talent network lighting enterprises account for about 40% of the total In recent years, e-commerce in the lighting industry has sprung up and its sales volume is growing very fast. Top 36 Lamps Brands on Taobao: 1, OPPLE/ Ople Lighting 2, NVC/ Rex 3, Philips/ Philips 4, Panasonic/ Panasonic 5, AOOZO/ Oto 6, Moonlight Catton 7, Elrond 8, LED 9, Tri-male Aurora 10, World Source 11, Dealex 12, Vima 13, AISNEY 14, Designer’s Lamp 15, POK 16, Motown Age 17, Osairous/ Oseros 18, Zunge 19, Mingzuo 20, Jun Yu 21, royal sun 22, lantern house 23, DGY/ grand view garden 24, Zhou Ming Han yuan 25, Han Wen Nuo 26, kai Qiao 27, mo Jue 28, kaisa danni 29, Delixi 30, minghui lighting 31, Jin Huan 32, K&C 33, Op 34, Fan Lang 35, ARTISTIC LIGHTING ZONE/ Art Lamp Space 36, Tianmeng 1. Ancient towns and Henglan are divided into industrial zones to set up representative enterprises?
Ancient town Tongyi Industrial Zone Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd.
Caoyi Industrial Zone Zhongshan Kaiyuan Lighting Co., Ltd.
Cao Yi Industrial Zone Zhongshan Opal Lighting Co., Ltd.
Aokeshi Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Nangang East Industrial Zone Zhongshan Yuefeng Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., Caoyi Industrial Zone Cross bar Zhongshan Huatai Lighting Co., Ltd., Yongfeng Industrial Zone Zhongshan horizon lighting design and manufacturing co., ltd., maohui industrial zone Yongxing Industrial Zone Zhongshan Top Light Lighting Co., Ltd.

2. For June to September,the lighting industry is off season. What is the reason for this?
The recruitment season in the lighting industry is mainly concentrated from the first week of the year to the end of April.
Affected by seasonal factors, the decoration of the general domestic residents is concentrated in the second half of the year, and the orders of foreign lighting are also concentrated in the second half of the year. Therefore, the recruitment in the lighting industry will be relatively light from June to September. After September, domestic e-commerce promotions began, mainly in October, November and December. Price activities affected consumers’ purchases, thus driving production.

3. Overview of relevant industrial chains and closely related industries in the lighting industry?
The upper reaches of the industrial chain in the lighting industry are mainly mold factories, electroplating factories, wire rod factories, light source factories, drive factories, chip factories, various certification companies, etc. Downstream of the industrial chain are mainly finished lighting manufacturers (for accessories and light sources), distributors, e-commerce wholesalers (light sources and finished products) and decoration companies.


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