About the Lamps Slogan

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About the Lamps Slogan
About the Lamps Slogan

1, lighting lamps, a light from nature.
2. It not only illuminates darkness, but also your tomorrow.
3. Illuminate your “heart” room with bright lights.
4. Be famous all over the world and illuminate all directions.
5, wake up at night lights up, scene out according to my heart.
6. light up the world, Glory to the Future.
7, chasing light, chasing happy you.
If I shine, you are the world.
9, decorate for you, pour me ease.
10, famous in the world, live according to the United States!
11, ever walk in the depths of the firefly forest.
We are the illuminators of nature.
13. Light up the dark night with light and warmth.
14, famous choice, shine on China.
15, Mingzhao lighting, lighting your future.
16, the star of angels, light up the city!
Light from nature protects your eyes.
18, Ming according to the quartet, wonderful classics beautiful.
19, integration of demand, natural luster!
20, famous lighting, dazzling!
21, a good life, you and I can see.
22. Brightness is accompanied by warmth.
23, the sofa watching the sea rising bright moon.
24. Mingzhao Lighting has its own style and is full of brilliance.
25. Famous all over the world, it shines all over China.
26, famous lighting, lighting life.
27, Ming Zhao lighting, crystal decoration industry.
28, easy, natural and clear.
29, light up the night, lighting green.
30, natural light source, accompany your darkness.
Light up your city with my gentle light.
32. As soon as the lights are turned on, the front will be naturally bright.
33, let your home be as bright as crystal!
34, famous lighting, the earth people all say good.
35, shining day, accompany you through.
36. In the crowd, there are you and light.
37, light up the gentle light, light up wonderful life.
38, bright as the sun, harmony between man and nature!
39. Happiness has quality and life is more beautiful.
40, let the building coruscate natural soft luster.
41, lighting lamps, stars and moon accompany you.
42, the light of happiness, famous lighting.
43, flashing light, illuminate you and me.
44, classic art, light up thousands of families!
45, grade lighting, bright and outstanding.
46, your gentleness, city graceful and restrained into poetry.
47, create a light environment, return your nature.
48. Famous lighting and high-light lighting.
49, not only illuminate your room, but also illuminate your heart.
50. One World, One Light, One Dream in Yi Deng!
51. Light a heart lamp to illuminate your journey!
52. Join hands with nature to light up the city.
53, famous lighting, famous in the world!
54, as bright as crystal, the world of light!
55, a wipe light, light up the warmth of the city.
56, Ming Zhao, give you a bright life.
57. Famous Lighting Makes Home More Beautiful.
58. Lighting is famous, illuminating thousands of homes.
59, my light environment, your nature.
60, light up the world, thousands of lights.
61, Ming Zhao lighting, embellish the beauty of life.
62, noble demeanor, reflects the bright.
63, crystal color bright, lighting world.
64, the “name” shines on thousands of families, shining on you, me and him.
65, people and nature, glorious life.
66. What lights up is not only taste, but only life.
67, the lights are on at the beginning of the day, and it is comfortable to see through the wall.
The natural light environment brightens you, me and him.
69. Bright World, Good Life.
70, reputation, according to beautiful home.
Light up the world and your heart.
72, famous lighting, there is no reason not to fall in love with you.
73, brighten the outdoor, the realm of harmony between man and nature!
74, people have a name, “according to” blessing the world.
75, the shining of light, the focus of beauty!
76, famous all over the world, according to beautiful world.
77, the bright light, colorful your life.
78, lighting industry, create a new classic lighting!
79, light up life, light up the world.
80. Beautiful name shines on the world, and there are thousands of Chinese lighting fixtures.
81. The night before the neon lights, the world of famous lighting.
82. Where there are people, there is light.
Illuminate your world with bright lights!
84. Under the street lights, we danced together.
85, famous lighting, classic achievements, enjoy eternity.
86, famous, light costumes.
87, lighting lamps, only for better travel companion!
88, still bright, meimei in the eye.


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