Sales Skills of Lighting Shop

Sales Skills of Lighting Shop
Sales Skills of Lighting Shop

First, determine the target, that is to say, which level of people you want to sell to it.

Second, the competitor’s analysis, the competitor’s business situation, what are the characteristics, what are the shortcomings, how to position.

Third, the estimation of people flow and the setting of business circle scope.

Fourth, the search for the channel of goods entering, the quantity of goods entering is not too large at first, and the quantity of goods entering is mainly large in variety and small in quantity. After a certain period of time, the quantity of goods entering will be more if you know what kind of good sales are.

Fifth the style and price of the goods.

Sixth, understand and pay attention to the latest trends.

Eleventh, good after-sales service.

Eighth, treat people with sincerity, credit.

How to fight against the business depression?

First, the display of goods must be unique. The small shop has a narrow space and limited merchandise display, so to attract passers-by to stop and spend more time on merchandise display. It is better to change the merchandise display frequently to give people a refreshing feeling so as to improve the turnover rate of merchandise.

Second, create a sales atmosphere. Popular, will naturally attract customers to come, when no one patronizes, also from time to time to sort out the goods, adjust the decoration. Don’t sit at the door with your legs crossed, which may cause the customers who want to come to the door to feel rebellious or feel that the goods in this shop are not of good quality.

Third, the management innovation. To quickly reflect the popularity, “develop” special commodities, so that customers will have the sensation of “not buying this time, not next time.”

Fourth, cultivate customer loyalty with quality service. It is best to try to catch every customer who comes to your door. It is better to remember the preferences of the old customers and introduce the products they may like. In addition, the speed of accepting individual orders or transferring goods from customers is fast, which can also improve customer loyalty.

Fifth, the cumulative bonus discount. Customers who come to the door for the first time will be issued with a membership card. On the second time they come, they will receive a 10% discount on merchandise, on the third time they will receive a 20% discount, on the fourth time they will receive a 70% discount, and on subsequent purchases they will receive a 70% discount. In this way, you may earn less money at a time, but the store’s popularity is strong enough to counter the risks posed by the economic downturn.

How can I price the goods?

Price is the most sensitive topic for customers to buy products. Generally speaking, people always want to spend the least money to do more things. Many shops have lost a large number of customers due to unreasonable product prices. Using people’s shopping psychology for pricing is to avoid customers.

1, low price penetration strategy As a businessman, no matter what kind of pricing strategy is adopted, the ultimate goal is to make money, which requires that the price must be based on cost and cannot be sold below cost. Therefore, in order to maintain the advantage of price competition, we must start from the source, purchase directly in large quantities, reduce intermediate links, improve operating efficiency, strive for manufacturers to give up profits and other measures, do everything possible to reduce costs, implement small profits but quick turnover, and win at low prices.

2, with surplus compensation method To attract customers to buy a large number of their own products at low prices, at the same time, to profit from related products. At present, many “foreign supermarkets” set the price of electrical goods at a very low level in order to attract customers and make profits on a variety of auxiliary equipment.

3, flat head and low tail method Only the “dragon’s tail” of the price will drop slightly, giving people the feeling that it will drop a lot. For example, the price tag of 198 yuan and the price tag of 200 yuan often give people the impression of two levels. In fact, the difference is only 1% in 2 yuan.

4, illusion pricing method There is a supermarket that sells 500g-g milk powder at a price of 9.30 yuan, and also offers a 450g-g product at a price of 8.50 yuan, which is very popular at the moment because consumers are sometimes far less sensitive to weight than price. A careful calculation shows that the unit prices of the two are almost the same, and the latter is slightly higher.

5. Seasonal Discount The pricing strategy of deciding whether to give discounts and how much to discount according to the product’s light and busy season and the time and quantity consumers buy. Many shops offer “seasonal sales” that fall into this category. This kind of pricing can not only attract consumers, but also effectively adjust the low season passenger flow and so on, making the store full of common customers.

6, psychological pricing strategy In view of consumers’ consumption psychology, many “foreign supermarkets” like to leave a small tail on prices when setting prices. Among the commodities sold, the tail number is an integer, accounting for only about 15%, the tail number of about 85% of the commodity prices is a non-integer, and the tail number of prices is mainly an odd number. The price of a commodity in 99 yuan will feel cheaper than that in 100 yuan, while the price of 101 yuan will feel too expensive. Compared with 99 yuan, the price seems to be a step higher. The use of psychological pricing strategy will give the impression that store prices are low on the whole, thus achieving the goal of attracting and retaining customers.

7. Other When adjusting the price of a commodity, the original printed price is smeared out with a red pen and the new price is handwritten in yellow next to it. This method looks simple, but it is also a strategy for pricing by taking advantage of customers’ psychology. The secret lies in: first of all, the original price is printed figures, often giving people a sense of authoritative pricing. The handwritten new price will make customers feel cheap. Secondly, yellow gives people a particularly cheap feeling, marking the new price with yellow pen makes customers look attractive.

How can I promote sales?

Promotion is the quickest and most effective way to increase popularity, but the premise is that you must know how to promote sales, otherwise it may backfire.

1, do a good job of publicity before promotion.

“bouquet is also afraid of deep alley”, no matter how good the promotion method is, consumers will only be “stillborn”. To do a good job in the publicity work before the promotion is the premise for the promotion to reach its goal.

Generally speaking, the radiation power of a storefront can be divided into small and large ones due to its own strength. Propaganda work outside the radiation range of the storefront can only be a waste of money and plays no substantive role. Promotional publicity should be targeted at the target consumers within the radiation range of the store.

For stores with strong strength, TV advertisements and strong media can be used to transmit information to consumers in all directions and through various channels, while ordinary small and medium-sized stores do not need to “go to great lengths” to distribute leaflets around stores, make full use of in-store radio, posters, store signs and other resources, or use propaganda vehicles and other tools to achieve the corresponding purpose. At present, many shops’ promotion policies “come softly” and “go softly”, which “cannot make a ripple” in the crowd, naturally fail to achieve the purpose of increasing popularity.

2, clever promotion policy Whether the promotion method is reasonable or not is directly related to the promotion effect. When formulating the promotion policy, we must first investigate the target customer market, have an overall grasp, and then formulate relevant policies in a targeted way, so as to receive better results.

(1) Exert the charm of complimentary products Every holiday in McDonald’s is full. What is the reason? It turns out that it is not only hygienic, convenient and delicious fast food that attracts diners, but also toy giveaways that are more attractive to children. Each toy has different styles and originality. The children’s needs bring the whole family’s consumption. The children have fun, the toys are in their hands, and they are happy. Parents are willing to pay more money. The cost of free gifts is not high, because of the large quantity and low cost, fast food restaurants bring generous returns with a small amount of free gifts.

(2), set point consumption At present, many shopping malls have introduced membership system and issued discount cards. Customers can get a certain rebate when they purchase a certain amount in the store. For example, a total of 100 members will be refunded to 20 yuan and 200 yuan will be refunded to 50 yuan, which will be cashed in the form of tangible goods or purchase vouchers, attracting many consumers to come and purchase, and effectively cultivating customer loyalty. The key to using several consumption promotion methods is to stress credibility. The promised policies must be fulfilled so that consumers can get real benefits.

(3), pay attention to innovation Times are changing, but the promotion in many stores is “unchangeable”. Faced with the soaring promotion advertisements, consumers no longer “catch a cold” to “old faces” and the old-fashioned promotion method has become “deaf ears”. Therefore, the promotion method must win by letter. Only the new has vitality, and only the new can attract more “eyeballs” of consumers.

“donkey pulling and grinding”-a scene that can only be seen in rural areas, has recently appeared in a newly opened restaurant in Beijing. A bluestone grinding pan was fixed at the entrance. A grey donkey with an eye mask kept circling around the pan. The food put in advance was ground into powder in a short time. If customers needed it, the food would be processed into delicious food. There is also a water well not far from the pan. The windlass set up above can draw water directly from the well. From time to time, curious people came to try their hand, and many people took photos around donkeys and wells. The idea of donkey pulling and grinding into the restaurant has opened people’s eyes to the long-lived high-rise buildings. It has also increased the popularity of the restaurant and the number of customers. Nowadays, there are more and more promotions, but only in a way that meets customers’ psychology and needs can good results be achieved. Generally speaking, stores should combine the nature of products, the characteristics of different ways and the shopping habits of consumers and other factors to choose the right way to win with the new and to determine a reasonable time limit. However, no matter which way it is, the promotion process must put an end to falsehood, otherwise it will damage the store’s reputation and only “lift a stone and hit your own foot.” At the same time, in the process of promotion, don’t ignore the publicity in the middle and late stages. On the one hand, consumers feel the credibility of the merchant’s cashing behavior. On the other hand, it arouses more consumers’ attention and purchasing desire. On the other hand, it is important to enhance the good image of the store and form a good reputation, in order to gain more customers.

How can I improve the popularity of the store?

I. Customers In order to improve the popularity of the store, it is first necessary to know what the target market of the store is, who the target customers are and who come to the store to shop, which involves the positioning of the store. If it is not clear who will patronize the store, it is simply nonsense to increase popularity.

Products have product positioning, shops should have shop positioning. For example, the orientation of star-rated hotels is government leaders, bosses of enterprises and institutions, foreign guests, successful people, etc., while the general orientation of restaurants is popular, mainly facing the salaried and students, etc. Naturally, the measures taken by both sides to increase popularity will be quite different.

In order to improve the popularity of the store, the first thing to do is to combine the actual situation of the store, investigate the income status, consumption habits and purchase methods of the residents in the community where the store is located, and determine the location of the store. If the store is located in the middle and low grade, it should mainly deal with the middle and low grade commodities, mainly facing the salarymen, students and workers. For the “white collar” with high consumption, they need not spend much energy or even give up. The main customers of MCH stores are married women. When considering ways to increase their popularity, they should focus on attacking these people.

Only when the store has a clear orientation can it better understand the needs of consumers, better meet the target customers and win their favor. Otherwise, the eyebrows and beards will be caught in one hand, and in the end it will only be “to draw water with a sieve.”

II. Convenience Convenience principle occupies a place in the marketing 4C theory. The so-called convenience principle is to make it convenient for customers to shop and increase store popularity, which cannot be ignored.

1. Optimize the internal environment of the store to facilitate customers’ shopping.
Relevant theoretical research shows that more than 70% of customers’ purchasing behavior is decided temporarily in the store. Optimizing the shopping environment can not only attract more customers, but also stimulate customers to buy, which is an effective way to increase popularity.

2, the goods should be placed reasonably To set up a comfortable shopping environment, from the overall style and layout of the entire business hall to the placement of each item, customers should be satisfied with their shopping psychology. In the self-selection store, some daily consumer goods such as shampoo, soap, beverage, etc. commonly used by people should be placed in the middle of the shelf within people’s reach, while cookies, jellies, toys, etc. liked by some children should be placed at the bottom of the shelf so that children can select them. (2) clear price of goods. I believe many people will encounter troubles when shopping in the store because the price of the goods is unknown. therefore, every commodity in the store must be clearly marked, preferably at the top left of the goods, so that customers can see clearly and make a “budget”.

3, set up a customer rest area The “Asia” of that year set up a special place and staff on the first floor of the shopping area to set up a “baby entertainment circle” and a “men’s lounge”. The former takes care of children for shoppers free of charge, while the latter takes care of their companions for ladies with shopping addiction. The store’s intentions can be described as well-meaning, and its service attitude is convincing. General small shops do not have the strength to provide special venues, but a chair or a cup of boiled water should be essential.

What should I do if my colleagues come to visit me?

Many clothing stores, in order to avoid peer “spying” and lose the opportunity to get rich, have posted “no peer allowed” notices on their doors. This move is interesting.

Selling clothes depends on bringing forth the new through innovation, and only by selling “others have no” can one have financial resources of his own. For consumers, especially female consumers, “bumping into clothes” is the most annoying, and the similarity of “street clothes” is even more embarrassing. But for businesses, in the face of similarity, can only one “no entry” prevent “little people”?

The necessary “self-protection” is of course also needed, and “self-protection” is not to shut the door to peers. one might as well open the door and invite peers to comment and judge. only in this way can one improve oneself and perfect oneself. Of course, imitation and imitation are everywhere, as long as the supply of goods is properly “encrypted”, otherwise “fire prevention, theft prevention and peer protection” all day long, how can one have the heart to do business?


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