Some Basic Knowledge of Lighting

Some Basic Knowledge of Lighting
Some Basic Knowledge of Lighting

I. Chandelier area Chandeliers are divided into: classical and modern areas; 1. Color of lighting: divided into electroplating and baking varnish Electroplating is also divided into champagne silver, 24K gold, Swiss gold, bright silver, white chromium, black chromium, etc.

Paint colors: fossil gold, ancient red gold, gold mahogany, cracked black Difference and Comparison: The unit price of electroplating color is higher than that of painting, for example, the processing cost of 24k gold electroplating is about 350 yuan /m2 and silver.

100 yuan /m2, chromium 80-90 yuan/m2; Electroplating color has bright surface, strong modern sense, but shelf life Compared with baking varnish, it is shorter. What changes will take place within one to two years.

2. Types of lighting: chandeliers, wall lamps, craft desk lamps, etc.

Chandelier: Classical (complete set, composed, elegant, suitable for mahogany furniture, etc.) Modern style (concise, lively, full of personality, with a sense of the times) Dining chandelier (can be selected according to table size and ceiling structure of living room) Wall lights: decorative wall lights, mirror headlights Craft table lamp: classical and modern 3. Composition of lighting:

Material: hardware: iron contains copper, zinc alloy, etc Glass: crystal material, jade material, large white material, etc Packing part: including carton outer packing, carton inner packing, plastic bag, baolilong, instructions, etc.

Structure: Base, Main Body, Lamp Arm (Including Lampshade) Types of lampshades: glass lampshades, cloth covers, sheepskin covers, imitation sheepskin covers and plastic covers. Among them, the glass cover is the main one.

In terms of manufacturing methods, it can be roughly divided into machine pressing, centrifugation, blowing and baking bending.

Technically, it is divided into: wrapping jade, frying water, pickling, sand spraying, sand grinding, etc. The larger the diameter of the lampshade, the higher the cost.

4. The fan hanging lamp has three gears for speed regulation, and can obtain cool wind and warm wind through positive and

negative gears.

5. Other:

Lighting generally adopts screw bulbs with diameters of E27 and E14, and energy-saving lamps can also be selected according to specific conditions.

Bulbs are divided into transparent bulbs and sand-grinding bulbs. Crystal lamps use transparent bulbs, while other lamps use sand-grinding bulbs. The light is diffuse reflection, which is more Soft.

Electroplated lamp decoration is easy to oxidize, so gloves must be worn when assembling the lamp. When cleaning the lamp, avoid wiping the hardware part of the lamp with wet cloth.

II. Desk lamp and ceiling lamp area 1. Table lamp area:

Table lamps are mainly divided into writing table lamps, working table lamps and decorative table lamps (suitable for bedside tables and tea tables) The main brands are: metropolis, Philips, hai Shi Bao, lepp eye lamp, hai Hao eye lamp 3M eye lamp, etc

What is stroboscopic phenomenon? What harm is there? Why?

Answer: The flashing phenomenon of alternating current (AC) input lamp tube with one bright and one dark light is called stroboscopic. It is the main cause of myopia in human eyes.

Reasons; Because long-term work and study under a bright and dark light source with stroboscopic phenomenon can easily lead to vision fatigue and eyestrain.

The ball deforms, resulting in How is electromagnetic radiation from high frequency lamps generated? What harm is there?

Answer: High-frequency electronic energy-saving lamps convert 50HZ alternating current into 40,000-50,000 HZ high-frequency alternating current and introduce it into the lamp tube because of its storage The electron oscillates at a high frequency, thus generating an outward energy emission, which is high frequency electromagnetic radiation. The danger Harm: Because the writing desk lamp is close to the human head, the electromagnetic wave radiation generated by the writing desk lamp will destroy human cells and cause them to be generated.

Excessive harmful metabolites lead to brain fatigue (such as dizziness, migraine, memory deterioration, trance and other symptoms).

Serious cases can also cause neurasthenia, male and female infertility and other diseases. If the eyes absorb electromagnetic radiation for a long time, they will also Cause cataract.

Introduction of Eye Protection Lamp Function:

Eye protection function:

Ordinary fluorescent lamps used in daily life have an electric frequency of 50HZ, so there will be about 100 stroboscopic phenomena per second.

Easy to make eyes tired; The eye protection lamp uses a frequency-conversion electronic ballast, which makes 50HZ AC electrical signals special After treatment, the lamp tube is driven to emit stable light without flicker, which can avoid visual fatigue caused by stroboscopic light.

Some eye protection lamps use tricolor tubes, and the brightness of the light is based on the natural light at 10 o’clock in the morning. Such light It can improve the black-and-white contrast of the illuminated object and enhance the discrimination ability of human eyes. When reading in this light, the eyes are not easy to feel.

To fatigue, and then play the role of eye protection.

Power-saving function: 21-watt lamp is equivalent to 110-watt ordinary lamp, saving 80% of electricity.

2. Ceiling light area:

According to the lampshade can be divided into:

Glass ceiling lamp (incandescent lamp or energy-saving lamp is used in it, which needs to be purchased separately); Bean resin cover ceiling lamp (energy saving 3 Primary color lamps, already including lamps) According to the ballast can be divided into:

Electronic ceiling lamp (using electronic ballast); Inductive ceiling lamp (inductive ballast) According to the function can be divided into:

Waterproof ceiling lamp (suitable for toilets, bathrooms and other places with high moisture content); Non-waterproof ceiling lamp (suitable for kitchen, Relatively dry environment such as living room) According to the control, it is divided into: remote control ceiling lamp (suitable for bedroom, living room, etc.); Non-remote ceiling lamp (applicable to kitchen, etc.) The main brands are: glass lampshades: Xilina and Aoyi; Bean resin lampshades are: OPPLE, PHILIPS, Panasonic (NATIONAL) own brand (B&Q) Bingene resin lampshade is characterized by acrylic material, which is flame retardant, fireproof, non-discoloring and anti-aging.

Features of electronic ballast:

Advantages: fast start-up, no stroboscopic light, no noise, power saving, start-up voltage between 175 v and 275 v (inductive start-up voltage requires 210V minimum). Disadvantages: The service life is shorter than that of inductive sulfur suppressor.

Note: 22W ceiling lamp is suitable for rooms of 8 ~ 10 square meters. 38W~40W ceiling lamps are suitable for rooms with 10 ~ 15 square meters.
66W~72W is suitable for rooms with more than 20 square meters.


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